Latest MRI

Jamie and I drove up to the Huntsman again last week for my 3 month checkup and another MRI.

I haven’t had a seizure since Sep 5th.  I’m almost at the 3 month mark which means I can legally start driving again.  For those of you who are my neighbors and think you’ve seen me driving around, you are mistaken.  I have a twin brother that you’ve never known about.  We’ve kept him locked up in the basement all these years and have only let him out in order to drive us around when needed.

The MRI results came back good.  The tumor is still about the same size.  We don’t know if it’s alive or dead.  Occasionally I feel seizures coming on but even those feelings have become less and less.

Now I’ll try to do the things that I haven’t been doing for awhile, mainly exercising, just to see if a seizure will come on.  I walk occasionally on the treadmill but that’s been about it.  I’d like to get back into swimming, biking, and running again.

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  1. Brian McInnes says:

    Whats up Ryan!

    I was thinking about you this morning, so I googled your name in hopes that I would find this site… I couldn’t remember the name of your blog but I remembered “pepper”… (: Being food deprived as one of fourteen kids growing up, food is always on the top of my mind!

    Well, sorry for not staying in touch better, but we do think of you and your family often and include you all in our prayers. I always look forward to stake conference and catching up with your Mom and Darryl, we always get a detailed report on your status along with all the other kids/grandkids. We’re almost always one of the last individuals standing out in the stake center parking lot and all the cars are almost gone and Darryl is still chatting away. (:

    It sounds like your doing great, which is awsome and I am glad to hear. I was a little disapointed when you mentioned your new exercise routine that “surfing” wasn’t listed as one of your top priorities. What you should have stated is “running, swimming and trialathons will get me in good shape to go surfing whith my buddy Brian”. I’ll let it slide this once but please keep your exercise priorities straight my friend. (:

    By the way, I would love to take you out surfing again, since you were the one that took me out surfing for my first time (I’ll never forget you Jerry and I going surfing that late afternoon at San Onofre until the sun set – also Jerry trying to fit in a tinny/old wetsuit you had brought and splitting it in bottox area causing him to wear his swim trunks over the top of his wetsuit). (: Good times!

    Well sorry to carry on, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say hello! Take care and we will hope to see you and your family soon!


  2. Ryan says:

    Too funny! I remember that surfing trip. So, so fun!

    I can totally picture Daryl standing in the parking lot until it’s nearly empty. Both he and my mom are social butterflies.

    I wish surfing was on my list but considering I just had another seizure on Sunday, it’ll be awhile before I get up the nerve to paddle out again. At least there’s other fun things to do like… umm… knitting or well I’m sure there’s other stuff I just can’t think of right now.

    Hope everything is going great with you guys. Say “Hi” to the fam for me.

  3. Anna says:

    Hi Ryan, searching through the net i found your blog and story. First of all i wish you all the best! My dad has been diagnosed with same type in 1997, he had the first surgery in 2009 as it started growing, now 6 years after MRI shows its back again:( surgery is not an option at this moment. He is at his 1st round of Temodal now. I really do hope its going to work or it will stop the tumor! As far as i can see it worked for you, glad to hear. Greetings from POLAND! :)

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Anna, Thanks for stopping by and sharing your dad’s story. Sorry to hear his tumor is growing again. What were his symptoms in the first place? I believe that the chemo and radiation treatments and a change in diet really helped me out but I’ll know more in August when I go in for another MRI.

      • Anna says:

        Hiya, Well we have noticed in May when he had a very small epilepsy episode (only hand was involved) but we realised sth was wrong as it was the 1st episode since 2009- surgery. He went for the check up MRI and booom!-bad news. Later on when he went to neurosurgeon and got to know surgery is not an option right now he started feeling really bad for one day , several epilepsy attacks and we ended up on emergency. They calmed him down there that its not that urgent and gave him some steroids for ‘cerebral oedema’- just in case as they said it can be the reason for epilepsy to come back Now he feels perfectly fine, no issues at all, we went through first cycle of Temodal (he took it really well), now the brake and on the 20th of July we go for blood check up. 21st July we should start 2nd round of chemo. He had the radiation treatment after the 1st surgery so they don’t want to repeat it again for the time being. Lets see how it goes. We also change the diet immediately so all in all I hope for the best. Also can’t wait for your August MRI results- they have to be good!

        • Ryan says:

          Hi Anna, It’s almost been a year. I thought I’d check in and see how your dad has been doing. Hopefully all is well.

          My seizures have increased a bit. My next MRI is in August again so we’ll see what’s going on.

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