No More Chemo…

Jamie and I drove up to the hospital again today for my 6 week MRI and chat with my Oncologist.  I really didn’t expect much to be different, just the usual having to explain to the MRI techs that I don’t need or want contrast dye, change into the hospital gowns, one ties in back (nearly impossible for me to do), another in front (thank goodness or I’d be mooning everyone down the hallway), oh and please crank up the classical music in your Pandora playlist so I can hear it above the noise from the MRI.

Then it’s off for another blood draw to make sure the chemo isn’t killing me too fast.  After that, I meet with the doctor and we review the scans.

Pretty typical, except for this time, instead of setting up and scheduling the 6th round of chemo he asked if I wanted to be done altogether.  “uh yea”, was my reply.  Jamie was bright eyed and nearly bouncing out of her seat.

We discussed the MRI scans.  Nothing had really changed.  My blood counts came back low so we were going to have to wait a few weeks before my body could handle another round anyway.

So in the study that he’s been following in order to prescribe my treatment plan, something like 70% of the patients dropped out after the 4th round.  They were either too sick or their blood counts were dangerously low.  I had just finished my 5th round and I was gearing up for the 6th.  That is of course until he said he didn’t think it was necessary.

While not out of the woods entirely, I still have seizures about once a month, we’re just going to monitor the tumor and I’ll be back in another 3 months for a follow up MRI.  We’re thinking that the chemo lowered my threshold for seizures so hopefully those will go away completely now too.  Then I can start backing off the seizure meds.  Thank goodness.

So after nearly 5 years there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  And if it turns out to be a train, well we’ll deal with that when the time comes…

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5 Responses to No More Chemo…

  1. Elizabeth Gurr says:

    I’m so happy you got some positive news. You certainly deserve a grace period. Love to you all. Ellizabeth

  2. Jeanine Metcalf says:

    Ryan we love you! Awesome news, looks like we need to celebrate!

  3. Julie West says:

    Ryan I am so glad to hear you’re on the up side of this massive affliction you & your family have been baring. I love you guys, your faith & strength is remarkable & inspiring. Thank you for an incredible lesson in perseverance. I love you all

  4. Jerry Jones says:

    You’re awesome Ryan! I’m happy that you are done with chemo. Way to stay strong! Your strong mindset and positive thinking are powerful to your health and an inspiration to all!
    Love, Jerry

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