Just keep swimm’n

I’m about halfway through my 4th out of 6 rounds of chemo.  So far it hasn’t been too bad.  I just feel tired and blah most of the time.

The seizures have died down but aren’t completely gone yet.  I had one on Feb 7th after adjusting my medication levels.  Then I had one about March 20th after I crashed while trying to ride my son’s skateboard.  I hurt my wrist a knee pretty badly and I think the pain may have set that one off.  Then I had one this morning (April 24) at 5:46am.  No idea what triggered that one.  Although the seizures are less frequent, the intensity is much higher.

My meds are currently:
am: 2000 keppra, .5 clonazepam
noon: .5 clonazepam
pm: 2000 keppra, .5 clonazepam

Note that over the past couple of months I completely weaned myself off of vimpat.

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