I know I haven’t posted in awhile…

because not much has been happening.

My latest MRI scan from Feb 25th showed that the tumor was still stable.  Doctor said, “see you in another 6 months.”    He also recommended cutting back on the clonazepam.

As far as the seizures go, my last one was Feb 15th.  It had been several months before this one so I was a little caught off guard when this one came on, especially considering I was swimming around in the ocean just two days prior.  So frustrating not knowing when one is going to hit.  I’ve been blessed though that I always seem to be in a safe place when one does break through.

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Latest MRI

Jamie and I drove up to the Huntsman again last week for my 3 month checkup and another MRI.

I haven’t had a seizure since Sep 5th.  I’m almost at the 3 month mark which means I can legally start driving again.  For those of you who are my neighbors and think you’ve seen me driving around, you are mistaken.  I have a twin brother that you’ve never known about.  We’ve kept him locked up in the basement all these years and have only let him out in order to drive us around when needed.

The MRI results came back good.  The tumor is still about the same size.  We don’t know if it’s alive or dead.  Occasionally I feel seizures coming on but even those feelings have become less and less.

Now I’ll try to do the things that I haven’t been doing for awhile, mainly exercising, just to see if a seizure will come on.  I walk occasionally on the treadmill but that’s been about it.  I’d like to get back into swimming, biking, and running again.

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No More Chemo…

Jamie and I drove up to the hospital again today for my 6 week MRI and chat with my Oncologist.  I really didn’t expect much to be different, just the usual having to explain to the MRI techs that I don’t need or want contrast dye, change into the hospital gowns, one ties in back (nearly impossible for me to do), another in front (thank goodness or I’d be mooning everyone down the hallway), oh and please crank up the classical music in your Pandora playlist so I can hear it above the noise from the MRI.

Then it’s off for another blood draw to make sure the chemo isn’t killing me too fast.  After that, I meet with the doctor and we review the scans.

Pretty typical, except for this time, instead of setting up and scheduling the 6th round of chemo he asked if I wanted to be done altogether.  “uh yea”, was my reply.  Jamie was bright eyed and nearly bouncing out of her seat.

We discussed the MRI scans.  Nothing had really changed.  My blood counts came back low so we were going to have to wait a few weeks before my body could handle another round anyway.

So in the study that he’s been following in order to prescribe my treatment plan, something like 70% of the patients dropped out after the 4th round.  They were either too sick or their blood counts were dangerously low.  I had just finished my 5th round and I was gearing up for the 6th.  That is of course until he said he didn’t think it was necessary.

While not out of the woods entirely, I still have seizures about once a month, we’re just going to monitor the tumor and I’ll be back in another 3 months for a follow up MRI.  We’re thinking that the chemo lowered my threshold for seizures so hopefully those will go away completely now too.  Then I can start backing off the seizure meds.  Thank goodness.

So after nearly 5 years there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  And if it turns out to be a train, well we’ll deal with that when the time comes…

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Seizure Activity & Med Levels

I’m doing this post just so I can keep track of the seizures a med levels without having to hunt them down all the time.


  • May 14th, 2014:  Not sure what caused this one other than I was a hour and a half late on my pm meds.
  • Jun 29th: I was about an hour late on my noon dose but that doesn’t usually affect anything.  Wasn’t as intense as the one on May 14th but was still quite painful.
  • Jul 23rd:  I kind of brought this one on myself.  We went to my son’s soccer tournament and it was over 100 degrees.  Sitting there baking in the sun must have fried my brain…, literally.
  • Aug 15th: Couple of hours before taking my PM meds I got on the treadmill to watch Batman while doing a brisk walk.  At around 32 minutes I seized up.  It hurt.  I felt like Batman when Bain was beating him up.
  • Sep 5th:  15 mins before taking my nightly meds I had a seizure.  The intensity wasn’t as bad as the previous several have been.  It did not go into my leg.
  • Dec 14th:  Well, like all good streaks this one eventually came to an end.  After a little over 3 months I had a pretty nasty seizure.  It wasn’t quite fair though.  I woke up early Sunday morning and made a mad dash to the porcelain throne and proceeded to puke my guts out.  I felt perfectly fine when I went to bed.  I puked about 4 more times then finally I thought I was safe to take my seizure meds.  Not so fast!!  About an hour and a half later I puked again.  So now what do I do?  Did the meds get completely in my system?  I took a couple of extras just to be safe.  I pretty much felt like garbage the whole rest of the day but at least I had stopped puking.  Then at about 8pm I took my regular dose and went to bed.  After about an hour and a half, I woke up and felt a big daddy seizure coming on.  I ran downstairs where Jamie was and the collapsed on the sofa shaking pretty violently for what seemed to last forever.  In all it was probably about 5 mins.  I eventually made my way back upstairs and went back to sleep.  I’m now starting my seizure clock over again.
  • Jan 18th, 2015: ouch!  Freak….  3 or 4 days ago I dropped my noon meds to .5.  Guess I better put it back at .75.
  • Apr 26th, 2015:  Dang, just over 3 months again.  I was getting ready to grab the keys and head out the door for an early morning church meeting when I felt one coming on fast.  I tried to ignore it but it broke through nonetheless.  The last few seizures have been unique.  It starts in my right hand like always, goes up my arm, then bends and shakes my entire upper torso to the right.  Including my head and eyes.  Then after a couple of minutes it subsides and I think I’m about done.  About that time I feel a sort of tingling at the base of my spine and it feels like electrical shocks going down my right leg.  My leg starts kicking uncontrollably and the seizure goes back up my spine until it gets my arm, head, hand,  and eyes all back into the game for a few more minutes of fun.  Fortunately Jamie was there like she always is.  I haven’t changed my meds since the last seizure.  The randomness of the seizures are kind of concerning.
  • Aug, 2015.  While getting ready for church.
  • Feb 15th, 2016.  Longest stretch so far but still kind of frustrating that they are so random.
  • March 30th, 2016.  Dropped my afternoon clonazepam by .25 on Mar 28th.  This seizure was the hardest one I have ever felt.  This is no longer fun…
  • April 3rd, 2016.  Had another one this morning.  One good thing was that it wasn’t as hard as the last one.  Just not sure why they are beginning to be more frequent now.
  • May 13th, 2016.  Early in the morning while camping with my boys.  Fortunately a friend was nearby.  All of my seizures are now what I call 2fers.  I’ll have one that is primarily contained to my upper torso.  Still hurts though.  Then after about a 30 second break another bigger one starts and includes my entire right side.
  • Jun 21st, 2016.  Another early one or a 2fer.  Had a crappy night, that seems to be a trigger.  Got up this morning around 7am and was studying the book of Job.  Then at 8am, before I took my morning meds, this one hit without warning.  I managed to make it upstairs before collapsing on my bed.  Fortunately Jamie was nearby.
  • Sep 8th, 2016:  Another 2fer.  In the morning, trouble sleeping during the night.  Took my morning meds about 15 min prior to the seizure.  That may have helped soften the blow.
  • Apr 19th, 2017: Well the longest streak yet.  I forgot to take my morning meds and around 5:30 pm it hit me…


  • 10 Apr 2017 – AM 750 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 200 lamictal.  PM: 750 keppra, .25 clonazepam, 200 lamictal.
  • 5 Mar 2017 – AM 750 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 200 lamictal. Noon: 0 clonazepam. PM: 750 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 200 lamictal.
  • 27 Feb 2017 – AM 750 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 200 lamictal. Noon: .5 clonazepam. PM: 750 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 200 lamictal.
  • 16 Feb 2017 – AM 1000 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 200 lamictal. Noon: .5 clonazepam. PM: 750 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 200 lamictal.
  • 9 Feb 2017 –  AM 1000 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 200 lamictal. Noon: .5 clonazepam. PM: 1000 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 200 lamictal.
  • 25 Jan 2017 – AM 1250 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 200 lamictal. Noon: .5 clonazepam. PM: 1000 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 200 lamictal.
  • 22 Jan 2017- Hand seized up and little mini seizures.  Increased keppra.  AM 1250 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 100 lamictal. Noon: .5 clonazepam. PM: 1000 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 100 lamictal.
  • 18 Jan 2017 – Decreased keppra again.  AM 1000 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 100 lamictal. Noon: .5 clonazepam. PM: 1000 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 100 lamictal.
  • 7 Jan 2017 – Started feeling seizures coming on. Had a few little seizures.  Upped my morning dose of keppra back to where it was.  AM 1250 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 100 lamictal. Noon: .5 clonazepam. PM: 1000 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 100 lamictal.
  • 5 Jan 2017 – AM 1000 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 100 lamictal. Noon: .5 clonazepam. PM: 1000 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 100 lamictal.
  • 28 Dec 2016 – AM 1250 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 100 lamictal. Noon: .5 clonazepam. PM: 1000 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 100 lamictal.
  • 21 Dec 2016 – AM: 1250 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 100 lamictal. Noon: .5 clonazepam. PM: 1250 keppra, .5 clonazepam, 100 lamictal.
  • AM: 2000 keppra, .5 clonazepam. Noon: .75 clonazepam.  PM: 2000 keppra, .5 clonazepam.
  • 7 Jun 15 – AM: 2000 keppra, .5 clonazepam. Noon: .75 clonazepam.  PM: 1750 keppra, .5 clonazepam.
  • 26 Feb 2016:  Doc wants me to try and get off clonazepam.  dropped my afternoon dose by .25.  AM: 2000 keppra, .5 clonazepam.  Noon: .5 clonazepam.  PM: 1500 keppra, .5 clonazepam.
  • 18 Mar 2016: 2000 keppra, .25 clonazepam.  Noon: .5 clonazepam.  PM: 1500 keppra, .5 clonazepam.
  • 28 Mar 2016: 2000 keppra, .25 clonazepam.  Noon: .25 clonazepam.  PM: 1500 keppra, .5 clonazepam.
  • 30 Mar 2016: 2000 keppra, .25 clonazepam.  Noon: .5 clonazepam.  PM: 1500 keppra, .5 clonazepam.
  • 25 Aug 2016: Had MRI.  No changes in the tumor.  Dr. recommended increasing my meds to help with seizures.  2000 keppra, .5 clonazepam.  Noon: .5 clonazepam.  PM: 2000 keppra, .5 clonazepam.
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MRI results after round #4 of chemo

Round #4 of potentially 6 rounds is now over and done with.  And the results?…. Nothing!

That is actually a good thing.  We can’t tell from the MRI if the tumor is alive or dead but it’s not growing, thank goodness.  They suggested that I try one more round and evaluate how I’m feeling.  With each round I’ve gotten more and more worn out but still no serious side effects like they see in other patients.

My competitive side of me wants to “go the distance”, but I’m tired of feeling blah all the time and I’m getting really tired of all the blood draws.  The financial savings alone is almost tempting to stop now, but like Jamie said, I guess I need to think more long term.  Besides, the doctor’s assistant that we’ve known now for 4 years has never seen anyone complete all six rounds so he wants to see if I could do it. This one’s for you Sean!… yeah right.

If there is so much as one remaining cancer cell left in my brain, I want it gone.  So for now I’ll keep going.

My main issue recently has been the increase in seizure frequency and intensity.  I went from mid Sept to Feb 7th with no seizures worth reporting.  Then I had the one on Feb 7th – not sure what could have triggered other than it was reaction to lowering my meds. Then I had one about a month and a half later on March 20th.  That was probably triggered by the crash on the skateboard.  I  had one a month later on April 24th, no idea what triggered that one.  Now a few weeks later I had one on May 11th while on vacation in St George.  Probably late nights and a rousing game of UNO caused that one.  The last one was just a few days later on May 14th, not sure what caused that one either other than I was a hour and a half late on my pm meds.

These last few seizures have been extremely painful and nearly unbearable.  The doctor said today he thinks I may have cut my meds back too far and suggested stepping them up.

Here’s where I’m at now:

Total:  Mornings – 2000 mg keppra, .5 mg clonazepam.
Noon – .75 mg clonazepam. (I just increased this from .5 to .75).  I may do more based on the seizures but this drug makes me very drowsy.
Evenings – 2000 mg keppra, .5 mg clonazepam.

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Just keep swimm’n

I’m about halfway through my 4th out of 6 rounds of chemo.  So far it hasn’t been too bad.  I just feel tired and blah most of the time.

The seizures have died down but aren’t completely gone yet.  I had one on Feb 7th after adjusting my medication levels.  Then I had one about March 20th after I crashed while trying to ride my son’s skateboard.  I hurt my wrist a knee pretty badly and I think the pain may have set that one off.  Then I had one this morning (April 24) at 5:46am.  No idea what triggered that one.  Although the seizures are less frequent, the intensity is much higher.

My meds are currently:
am: 2000 keppra, .5 clonazepam
noon: .5 clonazepam
pm: 2000 keppra, .5 clonazepam

Note that over the past couple of months I completely weaned myself off of vimpat.

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A Quick Update

Met with my oncologist on Tuesday for a check-up after finishing the first chemo cycle.  They drew more blood for labs and while I feel good physically, the doctor is postponing my second cycle for a week.

Apparently my white blood cell counts are too low to have started round 2 right away.  So I go back in next week for another blood draw and if things look better then we’ll start again.

As much as I’m not a big fan of the chemo, I was bummed to have to delay it a week.  I would rather just keep plowing forward and get er done.

I’m beginning to feel like a pincushion with all these blood draws and IV’s.  A port under my chest may well be on my Christmas list.  Not sure if that means I’ve been naughty or nice…

White Blood Cells

White Blood Cells


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Bottoms up!

And so it begins… PCV Chemotherapy.

I should say “began” since I actually already started on Oct 23rd.

I’m scheduled for 6 cycles, with each cycle lasting about 6 weeks.

On Oct 23rd, I downed 230mg on CCNU right before bed.  This is the “C” in PCV.  Nausea and fatigue have been the biggest side effects from this one but I only take it one time during the 6-week cycle.  So I’m done for now!  It seems to have a long lasting effect as I’ve felt nauseous and more tired than usual ever since I took it.  Considering I’m still on my seizure meds I guess that’s understandable.  Taking multiple meds that booth have the same side effects can have a compounding effect I guess.

Now I don’t need to do anything until Oct 30th when I go up to Huntsman Hosp and get an IV infusion of Vincristine.  This, I’m guessing, is where the “V” comes in.  I remember that from the Sesame Street days.  They say that process should only take about 15mins.  I’ll take this twice during the cycle.  Once on the 30th and then again on Nov 20th.

Also on Oct 30th, I take 100mg of Procarbazine right before bed.  I’ll take this every night before bed for the next 9 days.

After the Procarbazine I take a week off before the 2nd Vincristine infusion on Nov 20th.

Then it’s about a week and a half off before the next cycle repeats.

I’ll keep you posted, should be fun.

Nov 24th – First cycle is now complete and I get a Dr’s visit on Dec 3rd.  All in all it was pretty uneventful.  The first Vincristine infusion took about an hour.  I was originally told 15 mins but that didn’t include the blood draw, analyzing the blood, getting the OK from the pharmacist, the mixing up the Vincristine, then injecting it through the IV.

That same night I started the Procarbazine pills right before bed.  The lasted every night for the next 9 nights and pretty much sucked huevos rancheros.  It made me sick, miserable, and tired.    I was glad when that was over.

Then my 2nd Vincristine infusion was on Nov 20th.  I didn’t think much of it going in but it was not as smooth as the first time and took 3 hours.  The first nurse had a hard time finding my vein.  She poked me once, missed it and called in a second nurse.  The second nurse lectured Jamie and I about the benefits of getting a port installed in my chest.  That’s another procedure and one that I’m not really interested in.  So we asked tons of questions that the nurse didn’t expect.  Then she grabbed some poor lady and brought her over to show us her port and how easy it is for the nurses to access.

Well I’m sure it’s easier for the nurses to access but I don’t want a constant reminder everytime I look in the mirror that I’m sick.  So we sat there and debated that forever.  They even called my doctor to see if he could come over and talk some sense into me.  That pretty much backfired on them as he couldn’t see why I would want a port.

So they finally stuck me, drew my blood, and injected the chemo.  I’m pretty sure she made it as painful as possible.  It’s too bad because I’ve been really impressed with Huntsman up until this point.  The whole thing took 3 hours.

The nurse showed me my bloodwork results.  My white blood cells and platelets have dropped significantly so we’ll see what the doc says about that.

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“Surprisingly Smaller”

Yesterday was my first MRI since July and the first one since my 6 weeks of daily radiation.

The radiation or “brain bake” is now over thankfully.  By the way, it was very fun going with all my different friends that took the time out of their busy days to give me a ride up the the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  What I was dreading all along turned out to be one of the highlights of my day.  Thanks guys!  (except for the 8 minutes of being strapped to the table… we’ll just forget that part.  Or when Adam came and distracted the radiation techs with all his questions that they nearly forgot about me being strapped down in the next room.  Surrounded in darkness, walls closing in, not able to breathe… yeah, we’ll forget that part too).

All in all, it turned out to be a lot of fun.  I got to be good buddies with the other patients and as we compared notes, scared the “new” guys, and fought over the remote control in the waiting room.

At last the 6 weeks was over.  I lost half a head of hair and have saved a lot in hair gel.  Interestingly enough, my daily seizures stopped shortly into my treatments.  No one knows exactly why, but we’ll take the extra blessing.

Going into the treatments my Radiologist said they hoped they would see no growth on the next MRI and it would be surprising if it would actually be smaller.

Back to the MRI yesterday…

For some reason they scheduled my MRI at their Daybreak satellite location.  I’m not sure why but it’s closer to my house so we figured why not give it a go.  We were met by 2 friendly door greeters that I guess were overqualified to work at Wal-Mart.  One of them walked us over to the MRI department.

Since my COBRA expired I had to show the receptionist my shiny new medicare card (being on medicare is not a proud moment for me but ah well… what’s a guy to do?)

When the receptionist told me, “ok that’ll be a $250 co-pay” I about pooped my pants.  “Holy cow lady, I don’t want to buy the thing, just get a scan!”

“Well it’s very expensive”, she told me.  I handed over my debit card and apparently she didn’t have a little swiper deal and the lady that had one was out at the moment.  “Well that’s too bad for you!” I thought.

I went in for the MRI anyway because they were pressed for time.  Suddenly my confidence in their high tech MRI machine dropped since they didn’t even have a credit card swiper.

After the MRI was over, Jamie and I skipped out of there so fast they couldn’t catch us for the $250 co-pay.  It kind of felt like skipping out on the check after a nice meal (not that I would ever do that!)

So anyway… I’m getting tired of typing at his point… My goodness…

Later that day we had to meet with my Oncologist so he could review the MRI with us.  The nurse took us right back to the room, loaded up my scans on the computer and then said my Oncologist is running “a little” behind, “he’s triple booked today”.

Holy FREAK!!  Why not just shoot me in my half balded head and put me out of my misery!  I can’t stand waiting around like that!

Of course as soon as she shuts the door I immediately jump on the computer to look for my scans.  Jamie does her typical protesting the whole time thinking I’m going to get “caught”.

What are they going to do?  Radiate my head some more?  Been there, done that…

When I find my scans and pull up the one from July and compare it to the one from yesterday (Sep 16th) and I see a big difference.  The tumor is still there but it looks a lot smaller.

Now I’m no expert in reading MRI but as soon as I get off the computer the dr’s assistant walks in.  Jamie gives me a look that says, “you were almost so busted!”  Yeah right.

He walks us through the scans and sure enough it’s significantly smaller.  Well, that’s super cool news and we briefly talk about next steps with chemo and such.  He says our dr will have more info about that so we should continue to wait for him.

minecraftHe leaves and I jump back on the computer.  No Solitaire, no Tetris, no Plants vs Zombies, no Minecraft.  I don’t know what Minecraft is but my kids say it’s way fun.  Jamie begs me to get off their computer and tells me to play Temple Run on her phone.  Hmm… tempting, after one game and getting eaten by a giant monkey thing I turn it off.

This time I start pacing around the room.  If I had any hair left I would have pulled it out!  I hate waiting!  After an HOUR+, the doc’s assistant walks back in.  He asks, “the doctor still hasn’t seen you yet?”  Uh no, I tell him, “What if we just leave and come back some other time?”

“You guys want to leave?” Like the idea was so foreign to him that people would want to ever leave before seeing the doctor.  “Yes, we’ve seen the scans, I’m sure a quick phone call when he has time can take care of the rest.”

He tells us to wait a little longer and he’ll track the doctor down for us.  He finds the doctor playing Minecraft in the break room… (just kidding). But after about 10 minutes our doctor walks in.

He walks us through the scans with a little more authority than his assistant.  Sure enough, the tumor is “surprisingly smaller”.  Then launches into the chemotherapy part.  “Well what if we decide to wait on that?”, I ask.  His eyes got big, Jamie’s jaw dropped, I hear someone playing Minecraft in the distance.

After he regains his composure he says that studies have shown the mortality rates are much better for people that follow up radiation with PCV chemo right away.  OK, fine and I agree to go on with the chemo.

They want me to do 6 cycles, each cycle is 6 weeks.  That’s 36 weeks for all you math challenged people at home.  He says “6” cycles is ideal but most people can’t handle that many.  They have too much fatigue, nausea, white blood cell count gets too low, diarrhea, and a whole host of other pleasantries.

The treatment is made up of 3 types of chemo, PCV.  I can’t pronounce any of them.   2 are pills and 1 is an injection.  I take one pill on like day nine, then a series of pills for around 6 days, somewhere in there they stick me with a needle.  It’s all very confusing and I quit paying attention.

Fortunately Jamie was taking good notes and got the part where they’ll make up a calendar for me.  As long as it’s color coded I should be good.

So now the ball is in their court.  They are making sure that they have all the meds in stock, apparently some are in short supply right now.  And they are trying to make them available to me cheap enough so I don’t have to sell my first born child.  Sorry Bryndie, that would really suck but we’d do our best to make sure you found a good home… Think “Cinderella”.

So that’s it.  Now you know as much as I do…


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Medication levels

Ok so I know I need to get off some of my meds, especially keppra.

About mid August my doctor had me take a blood test to measure the keppra amounts in my blood.  Normal range is 5-30 micrograms/milliliter.  Mine came back at 74, more than twice the amount.

This raised a red flag but I have not had a seizure for about 4 weeks now.  I can’t remember the exact date but let’s just say August 1st for simplicity’s sake.

Starting on Tues, Aug 27th, my doc’s assistant called and asked me to start decreasing my keppra by 500 mg a day for one week.  I thought that was too much so we agreed on 250 for the week, the am dose.

Today, Sep 2nd, I’ll decrease my pm dose by another 250 mg for a week.

I’ve felt “twitches” in my right arm but I wouldn’t even call them seizures.  So far, so good.

Here’s the summary:

Aug 27th decreased keppra by 250 mg in am.  Total:  Mornings – 2250 mg keppra, 300 mg vimpat, .5 mg clonazepam. Noon – .5 mg clonazepam.  Evenings – 2500 mg keppra, 200 mg vimpat, .5 mg clonazepam.

Sep 2nd decreased keppra by 250 mg in pm.  Total:  Mornings – 2250 mg keppra, 300 mg vimpat, .5 mg clonazepam. Noon – .5 mg clonazepam.  Evenings – 2250 mg keppra, 200 mg vimpat, .5 mg clonazepam.

Sep 23rd decreased keppra by 250 mg in am.  Total:  Mornings – 2000 mg keppra, 300 mg vimpat, .5 mg clonazepam. Noon – .5 mg clonazepam.  Evenings – 2250 mg keppra, 200 mg vimpat, .5 mg clonazepam.

Sep 30th decreased keppra by 250 mg in pm.  Total:  Mornings – 2000 mg keppra, 300 mg vimpat, .5 mg clonazepam. Noon – .5 mg clonazepam.  Evenings – 2000 mg keppra, 200 mg vimpat, .5 mg clonazepam.

As of Oct 6th, 2013, still no seizures.  This is now about 2 months.

Nov 24th – In October I cut my clonazepam back and the pharmacy sent me a new brand of that generic drug (they do that sometimes).  I’m not sure if changing the brand or reducing the dose made a difference but I started having very small seizures.  Nothing major but enough to startle me and look for cover.  At around the beginning of November, Jamie found a bottle of my old clonazepam and I started taking that in the morning and the new clonazepam at night.

For most of November this has been my dosage: Total:  Mornings – 2000 mg keppra, 300 mg vimpat, .5 mg (old) clonazepam.  Evenings – 2000 mg keppra, 200 mg vimpat, .25 mg (new) clonazepam.  Notice I also cut out my noon dose and at some point I cut my evening dose to .25 mg but I can’t remember when exactly.

Nov 24th, I dropped my morning Vimpat by 100 mg.  Total:  Mornings – 2000 mg keppra, 200 mg vimpat, .5 mg (old) clonazepam.  Evenings – 2000 mg keppra, 200 mg vimpat, .25 mg (new) clonazepam.

Dec 23rd, decreased evening vimpat by 100 mg and increased evening clonazepam by .25 mg.  Total:  Mornings – 2000 mg keppra, 200 mg vimpat, .5 mg (old) clonazepam.  Evenings – 2000 mg keppra, 100 mg vimpat, .5 mg (new) clonazepam.


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